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    Meeker, Colorado 81641

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Childers Bobcat
Bill's Bobcat with Cherry's dog, Lulu
Bobcat on tailgate
Beautiful Bobcat
Childers Mtn Lion
Bill Childers got a Mountain Lion
Lion Paw
That Lion has a heck of a paw size
2 less Coyotes
2 less coyotes on the ranch
Huge Black Bear
Huge Black Bear taken by Bill Childers in 2010 (see more pics)

Bobcats are found on the Cherry Ranch

Lori Cherry with 2 bobcats in 2004.

Mountain Lion

There are plenty of mountain lions (cougars) in this country due mainly to the abundance of deer.

Bears roam the Cherry Ranch

I don't guide mountain lion hunts or bear hunts myself, but if you're interested in that type of hunt on the Cherry Ranch, I can put you in contact with outfitters who will guide you.

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